Space Case

space case grinder reviews

The decision to purchase a marijuana grinder is one that should be well-researched. While most will get the job done, buying a quality product will certainly increase the overall experience and lead to greater satisfaction. The Space Case series is a premium metal grinder line that offers marijuana users a satisfying adventure that will have them blasting off into space in no time.

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space case grinder reviewsModels

Space Case offers several models of varying complexity, size and price. These variations are meant to give customers with a wide range of budgets the opportunity to own and use a quality product.

The Original

The Original line from Space Case offers both two and four piece grinders in small, medium, or large sizes. The former option does not include a kief screen, and as such is cheaper than its counterpart. This also means they are cheaper, and more affordable for those on a low budget. While many grinder companies produce low quality products, even these two piece budget grinders provide a high quality experience. On the more expensive end is the large four piece model, coming in at a whopping 3.5 inches. This version is large enough to grind enough weed for an entire party.

The Scout

The Scout series also comes in small, medium, and large sizes. The unique feature of this line is that each product is a grinder and stash case all in one. This means that only one item needs to be carried around to grind and store your weed. The small size is perfect for travelling, as it is easily concealable, and will hold the weed for you in the stash case. While the Scout series is comprised mainly of two piece products, there is a mini four piece available as well that combines the unique stash case design with a kief screen.

Titanium Series

Like the original Space Case grinders, the Titanium Series features both two and four piece models. These products combine the functionality that customers have come to love with exquisite craftsmanship, premium materials, and an extremely sleek design. The non-stick titanium alloy coating on these grinders makes them extremely resistant to scratches and other defects, as well as making them much easier to clean. Their very stylish black color scheme also departs from the traditional silver exterior, which many customers enjoy. These grinders are slightly more expensive than the original series, but the extra durability and stylish design are well worth the extra cost.

Which Grinder is Right For You?

Ultimately, the choice between these models comes down to personal preference. If the all-in-one grinder and stash case design appeals to you, then the Scout series is the way to go. If you prefer a dedicated metal grinder that is less bulky, then choosing an Original grinder is best. For those customers who want a more stylish and durable product, the Titanium grinders provide one of the best experiences available at an affordable price for such a high quality and long-lasting product.