sharpstone grinder reviews

While there are countless companies selling grinders priced well over $100, SharpStone offers many more affordable options to consumers. Several categories are available to choose from that appeal to many different customers. They offer two and four piece options, corresponding to one and three chamber devices respectively. Special designs are available that include unique functions such as a second pollen screen and an automatic vibration function.

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sharpstone grinder reviewsThe SharpStone Difference

With so many companies offering grinders, how can one company set itself apart from the crowd? SharpStone has discovered the answer to this question and incorporated it into their products. Offering a myriad of different styles and designs, they have products suited for nearly every type of customer. Their grinders are built from high quality, aircraft grade aluminum that is anodized for an extremely smooth finish. The kief screens are made from the highest quality stainless steel to ensure that only the finest crystals pass into the final chamber, and powerful magnets are included to allow for extremely tight closure.

The Products

SharpStone offers a wide variety of product lines to appeal to many different customer types. One distinguishing feature between their products and competitors’ is that they come in many different colors rather than just silver and black.

Clear Top

The clear top design offers customers a functional and attractive product that enables the user to see the weed as it is being ground. These come in several colors, including red, black, and purple. Two and four piece grinders are available with the clear top design, with the latter including a kief screen to catch the fine crystals left over after grinding.

Hard Top

For buyers who do not like the look of a see-through grinder, there are also hard top versions available. These come in various colors as well, such as blue, orange, and silver. Similar to the clear top models, these come in two and four piece designs to suit users with different needs and budgets.

Specialty Designs

Aside from the usual models, SharpStone offers several different specialty grinders that offer unique features that set them apart from other products offered by other companies.

1. 5 Piece Grinder

For those marijuana users who enjoy and appreciate the high quality kief that accumulates when grinding weed, these products contain two pollen screens. By including an extra screen, the kief is filtered twice, ensuring that only the finest of crystals is collected. While this may result in less kief, the product is much higher quality. For those who value quality over quantity, this specialty design is perfect.

2. Vibrating

Focusing once again targeting those who prefer quality products, this vibrating grinder is the perfect option for kief lovers everywhere. The high quality design is supplemented by a very useful vibrating function. This allows the marijuana buds to be continuously shaken against the pollen screen without any manual labor. By simply turning the vibration function on and letting the marijuana sit in the grinder, you will obtain premium kief.