Santa Cruz Shredder

santa cruz shredder reviews

When it comes to grinders, Santa Cruz Shredder produces some of the most recognizable in the industry. Not only are they noticeable, but the research and technology behind each of their products is absolutely unparalleled.

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santa cruz shredder reviewsEngineering at its Finest

Many grinder companies claim to have the most advanced technologies available on the market. However, this brand has taken advanced technology to an entirely new level.

Tooth Design

While most companies utilize a sharp-edged tooth design, they have revolutionized the grinder industry with a unique tooth architecture that steers clear of the sharp-edged design used in most other products. These edges eventually dull and shed tiny aluminum flakes into the smoking mixture, which are toxic to humans. Additionally, these newly crafted teeth are oriented in a manner that ensures the bud is ground evenly and thoroughly.

The Grip

Because there are many medical marijuana patients who suffer from degenerative motor diseases like Multiple Sclerosis, these grinders have a much more “knurled” grip than others. This allows for a better grip, and less effort is required to use the product, which is especially important for those patients who have lost motor control or function.

Superb Screens

There are no debates among marijuana enthusiasts that grinders with kief screens produce the best smoking experience possible. These products utilize the most advanced screen on the market with research tested results. The stainless steel screens are stretched extremely tightly to ensure they do not warp, and are comprised of premium stainless steel. Their openings are optimized to create the finest, purest crystals possible.

Unmatched Cleanliness

Many people don’t realize that the raw aluminum used in the construction of most grinders is extremely toxic to humans. Most companies do not devote the time or effort to ensure the cleanliness of their products. This is not the case with these high quality products. Utilizing high-frequency sound and very strong cleaning solution, any contaminants are obliterated. This produces a product with medical-grade sanitation.

Scratch Resistant

These premium grinders are anodized to create a strong coating on the aluminum. This process creates a virtually scratch resistant surface that many other products do not have. This is the same technology used in many cookware sets to ensure they resist scratching by utensils.

The Products

Santa Cruz Shredder offers two, three, and four piece designs to suit the needs of any marijuana user. The two and four piece models come in mini, small, medium, and large sizes. The three component model, however, comes only in the small size. Several color options are available, breaking away from the traditional black and silver designs that many companies exclusively offer.

Why Buy a Santa Cruz Shredder?

There is not much more that needs to be said about this amazing product. The highly advanced technology and the effort that was put into constructing these truly premium grinders is astonishing. All you have to do is purchase one and see for yourself how they compare to other inferior brands.