Mendo Mulcher

mendo mulcher review

With the multitude of grinders on the market today, it may be hard for many people to distinguish between a well-built, high quality product, and an inferior one. The Mendo Mulcher is certainly one of the former, and should be considered by any marijuana user looking to add a grinder to their collection.

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The Local Way

The Mendo Mulcher has been locally produced since 1998 in Mendocino County, U.S.A. Many companies have fallen prey to the plague that is outsourcing. By selling out, these corporations have been able to reduce production costs to increase profits, but at the cost of quality. This Mendocino County based business has refused to resort to outsourcing in favor of producing a quality product for its customers.

mendo mulcherQuality Matters

Being focused on quality, these grinders are built from premium materials, and are designed to last. Premium features include:

• Teeth: These products have twice the teeth of most other grinders, meaning your bud will be ground finer and will produce a better smoke. They are also curved, which helps keep the weed from sticking.
• Lid: Each product comes with a very strong magnetic lid that ensures it will stay locked tightly together.
• Kief Screen: The pollen screen is crafted from high quality materials and features a smallest micron size of 190. These extremely fine screens produce the best kief possible to ensure a great smoking experience.
• The Body: Every grinder is crafted from the finest billet aluminum. This gives them a very sturdy feel that many competitors lack. It also helps fight off wear and tear from heavy use.
• Cleaning: While many companies don’t give much thought to the cleanup process, the folks in Mendocino recognize the importance of an easy-to-clean product. Their grinders are extremely easy to clean, and require very little maintenance.
• Warranty: This product is so good that Mendo Mulcher is willing to offer a lifetime warranty. Many other companies don’t offer a warranty at all, let alone one that lasts a lifetime.

The Perfect Product

The Mendo Mulcher comes in two varieties: one model includes a kief screen, while the other does not.

No Screen

The cheaper model does not include a pollen screen, and is perfect for those customers who are operating on a limited budget. These come in small, medium, and large sizes. The small size is perfect for users who often themselves travelling and in need of a grinder. The large size works well for parties because it has the capacity to grind huge quantities of marijuana at one time.

Kief Screen

The more expensive model is more costly because it includes a kief screen to catch the fine crystals left over by the grinding process. These crystals are known as the pollen, or kief, and are highly prized my marijuana users because of the intense high they confer. The finer these crystals are ground, the higher they are in quality. These products offer an extremely fine screen to produce the best smoking experience possible.