Kannastor grinder reviews

Kannastor is a brand that provides premium, high quality grinders, presses, and accessories. They have multiple original features that no other manufacturer of similar products offers. For example, the guitar pick tool for easy scooping. Each product is also priced to be exceptionally cost effective, considering the innovative characteristics.

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Kannastor grinder reviewsUnique Grinders

Every one of the Kannastor grinders has an array of different benefits that surpass the competition that are great for even the heaviest marijuana user.

• Choice between solid black or clear tops. We recommend clear for knowing exactly when the grinding is finished.
• The top is securely held by the magnetic closure.
• Teflon circular ring ensures a strong seal without binding.
• Tough, razor-like blades that easily cut and shred.
• Excessive shredding is never a concern with the unique drop through holes.
• Well-designed threading for smooth grinding every time.
• Large storage capacity to reduce the need to constantly refill.
• Easily interchangeable screen with varying mesh sizes available.
• See-through siding to view any remaining particles.
• Incredibly strong aluminum for long lasting construction.

While these are all great features, the most critical aspect of each product is that they are well-designed and expertly integrated. For example, the mesh screens are not only highly effective but also easily twisted off and replaced. They offer size 40 and 60 for configurable sifting and grinding, and 40 allows particles of 420 microns. Another unique feature offering by Kannastor is the crank top, which can grind much easier than the alternatives. The crank is built with premium quality aluminum, so every customer can be sure that it will last. You can easily shred, sift, blend, flavor, and store many different herbs and spices with the large storage capacity ranging from 1.5” to 2.5” in diameter on the average models for many years.

The pricing starts under $25 for the one inch, two piece pendant grinder that comes on a convenient carrying chain. However, it can reach upwards of one hundred for the large three inch, four piece crank top model that will grind through almost anything. While the prices may be higher than other companies that sell marijuana and other herb related products, the quality provided by Kannastor is far beyond any other grinder.

There are two more great components associated with this superb company. Those include the informational videos and the thermal conductive presses. They offer four videos totaling about ten minutes of helpful tutorials, including making custom tea, apple cider, and ice cream topping. Additionally, Kannastor sells two presses of 14 and 19 mm diameter. When heated up to almost two hundred degrees, the press changes dry ingredients into waxy form for various oils and herbs.

Considering the numerous well-designed products for exceptionally low cost, this brilliant company is far ahead of the rest. Grinding, sifting, and blending have simply never been so easy. The durable aluminum, easy replaceable mesh screen, super sharp blades, and multiple customizable options, such as size and number of parts, are premium characteristics but often disregarded by other companies.