Jumbo Santa Cruz Shredder Black Aluminum Grinder + Custom Pollen Pick Bundle

big jumbo grinder

The Santa Cruz Shredder grinders are some of the most advanced and well-built on the market. The Jumbo Black Aluminum four piece grinders is possibly the best example of the fine craftsmanship offered, and when bundled with custom pollen picks, is the premier choice for marijuana users everywhere.

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jumbo santa cruz shredder reviewFantastic Features

The Santa Cruz Shredder products are all constructed from the highest quality materials available, and feature some of the most advanced technologies in the industry. These include:

Revolutionary Teeth

Deviating from the traditional sharp-edged tooth design, this product utilizes a new construction that prevents the teeth from becoming dull after repeated uses. It also avoids the shedding of highly toxic aluminum particles into the smoking mixture.

Problem Free Threading

A brand new threading design has solved the issue of the lid and body pieces rubbing together and wearing away the metal. By eliminating this issue, the lid is able to tighten smoothly, and the product will last much longer. Any chance of cross-threading is also eliminated.

Spectacular Screens

This product features the absolutely optimal micron size for pollen screens, creating the finest kief possible. Marijuana users everywhere will appreciate the intense experience generated by this engineering marvel.

Ultrasonic Cleansing

Possibly the most amazing feature of this splendid product is the medical-grade cleaning process that it undergoes. The same ultrasonic cleansing procedures used to sterilize medical tools prior to surgery are utilized on every Shredder. This removes the extremely toxic agents present on all raw aluminum and sets these products apart from its competitors.

Anodized Coating

The special coating offers protection from scratches, corrosion, and rusting. The anodizing process is unlike painting; the coat is actually embedded within the aluminum for premium protection. It can withstand even the harshest treatment.

Durable Construction

The aluminum design lasts many years without showing any significant signs of wear or use from paint chipping or blade dulling. The company offers a lifetime warranty to guarantee that fact.

Large Capacity

Measuring four inches in diameter and three inches in height, this superior quality grinder never requires a second refill. Therefore, the speed and efficiency of grinding is significantly improved.

Solid Grip Pattern

The deep, long lasting knurling around the end of the grinder allows for a strong, no-slip grip for easy twists. The pattern is built with the same high quality aluminum for durable performance, free of any scratches or scrapes.

Additionally, it includes the custom guitar pick shaped pollen scooper for easily managing the ground herbs during scooping or scraping, which can become so aggravating with the wrong tools.

Overall, the Jumbo Santa Cruz Shredder packaged with the special pollen pick is one of the best grinders any marijuana user could buy. The host of amazing features are simply too great to pass up. While there are cheaper alternatives, you will receive far inferior quality. Therefore, purchase this custom package for easy, smooth grinding covered by the lifetime guarantee.