Cosmic Case

cosmic case reviews

Cosmic Case manufactures exceptionally high quality grinders and other paraphernalia used to expertly prepare marijuana. Their original product, the Cosmic Case Large Triple Pollen Grinder, has an innovative design that is unlike any other, which provides the reasoning for being one of the most famous grinders on the market.

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cosmic case reviewsOnly Premium Grinders

The Large Triple Pollen is the perfect example of their superior line of products. Each one is made with only the finest, medical grade materials to handle herbs carefully but effectively. The following are features are characteristic of this incredible grinder.

• Diamond scissor blades that are sharp and durable.
• Stainless steel mesh screen that never rusts.
• Magnetically locked top that remains secured during grinding.
• Aerospace quality aluminum that will last a lifetime.
• Made in the United States.

The strong construction encompasses a width of two and three quarter inches and height of one and three quarter inches. However, they also offer the mini version that is only 1.65” inches wide and half inch less tall for more convenient and inconspicuous carrying with the same great features. The price is actually lower than similar products from other companies; however, some of the characteristics are simply unmatched for any price from any supplier in the marijuana tools business.

They also sell multiple two piece models for more compact design and cheaper cost. However, frequent users may want to opt for the larger version to reduce the amount of refilling and cleaning. Either way, they all offer many of the superior features associated with Cosmic, such as long lifetime and completely free of any aftertaste.

T Handle Press

A great addition to the Cosmic Case Large Triple Pollen Grinder is their Extra Large Mega T Handle Press. The use of this device is really an art form, but Cosmic makes the process much easier with their unique design.

• Solid stainless steel for rust free construction.
• Ergonomic for smooth, easy pressing.
• Completely safe for products that are consumed with no leftover taste.
• Capacity reaching up to twenty two grams.

While labeled extra-large, the nine inch height and one and a half inch diameter is more than manageable; however, they also sell large and small models for even more compact style and meeting the needs of anyone with a budget. If you are unfamiliar with this tool, it is used to compress marijuana kief or pollen into one piece to remove excess moisture and reach a more desirable density. Pressing is a necessary practice to avoid impurities and protect from oxidation and decay.

If you need to grind or press herbs, Cosmic Case is certainly a brand to consider. While the prices are higher than the alternatives, the quality is extraordinary. They also sell a range of products to suit a variety of needs and desire from presses to vapor domes. Though, the premium grinders are their most famous product. Based on the durable design of aerospace aluminum, diamond scissor blades, and strong magnetic top, the reasons for the fame are quite substantial.