Cali Crusher

cali crusher reviews

Despite the title, the Cali Crusher is one of the most legitimate brands for premium grinders. The products offered by this company are made in San Diego, California, which was the first state to legalize medical marijuana years ago. The influence of recreational drugs on the lifestyle in the area throughout history is quite substantial. Therefore, paraphernalia production from this major Californian city is undoubtedly high quality, particularly from Cali Crusher.

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cali crusher reviewsRevolutionary Design

Cali Crusher prides itself on the unique, patented designs with groundbreaking features. They offer dozens of products to cater to a multitude of needs and desires. Some of the most popular options include the following grinders.

• Homegrown Standard 2 or 4 Piece Hard Top
• Homegrown Pocket 4 Piece Hard Top

Additionally, they have various color options ranging from girly girl pink to boyish blue to Californian red. The Standard model is 2.35” width and 1” depth, and the smaller pocket version is about half the width but double the height. Both models are highly regarded by the thousands of happy customers.

• Aerospace grade aluminum for long lasting design
• Sharp, indestructible teeth protected by their lifetime warranty
• Velvet carrying bag for convenient, concealed storage
• Durable structure that will last many years
• Lightweight build of under half of a pound
• Color choices of red, green, orange, pink, and more to match any style
• Minimal amount of pieces for easy use and cleaning

While the prices may be higher than other options, the superior quality justifies that slight downfall. Additionally, they display the subtle, clear logo on the top piece without forfeiting visual appeal or ultimate functionality. The inconspicuous design will never raise alarms, and the small size will easily slide into common pants pockets or purses and bags for convenient, discreet totting.

Brand Behind The Products

Cali Crusher labels themselves as the first designer crusher, and they provide great support to help showcase that considerable fact. For example, they accept credit and debit cards and PayPal and ship through USPS in just days. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or refund requests, contact forms for support are available 24/7 on the website.

Additionally, if you want to generate some extra income, they also provide affiliate and wholesale options. Help sell grinders to earn big commissions or purchase bulk quantities for reduced pricing. They are both great methods to land some additional cash on the side by highlighting one of your favorite everyday tools to your friends or followers on social media networks.

For those wanting only excellence for reasonable prices, Cali Crusher grinders are among the best out of all the choices on the market. The historical significance of the home city, San Diego, within the first state to legalize medical marijuana leads to the most optimized, well-made grinders possible. Each model features an array of characteristics that are essential for anyone ranging from casual smoker to dedicated enthusiast, such as tough aluminum, manageably sized, razor sharp teeth, and numerous colors.