Space Case

space case grinder reviews

The decision to purchase a marijuana grinder is one that should be well-researched. While most will get the job done, buying a quality product will certainly increase the overall experience and lead to greater satisfaction. The Space Case series is a premium metal grinder line that offers marijuana users a satisfying adventure that will have them blasting off into space in no time.

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space case grinder reviewsModels

Space Case offers several models of varying complexity, size and price. These variations are meant to give customers with a wide range of budgets the opportunity to own and use a quality product.

The Original

The Original line from Space Case offers both two and four piece grinders in small, medium, or large sizes. The former option does not include a kief screen, and as such is cheaper than its counterpart. This also means they are cheaper, and more affordable for those on a low budget. While many grinder companies produce low quality products, even these two piece budget grinders provide a high quality experience. On the more expensive end is the large four piece model, coming in at a whopping 3.5 inches. This version is large enough to grind enough weed for an entire party.

The Scout

The Scout series also comes in small, medium, and large sizes. The unique feature of this line is that each product is a grinder and stash case all in one. This means that only one item needs to be carried around to grind and store your weed. The small size is perfect for travelling, as it is easily concealable, and will hold the weed for you in the stash case. While the Scout series is comprised mainly of two piece products, there is a mini four piece available as well that combines the unique stash case design with a kief screen.

Titanium Series

Like the original Space Case grinders, the Titanium Series features both two and four piece models. These products combine the functionality that customers have come to love with exquisite craftsmanship, premium materials, and an extremely sleek design. The non-stick titanium alloy coating on these grinders makes them extremely resistant to scratches and other defects, as well as making them much easier to clean. Their very stylish black color scheme also departs from the traditional silver exterior, which many customers enjoy. These grinders are slightly more expensive than the original series, but the extra durability and stylish design are well worth the extra cost.

Which Grinder is Right For You?

Ultimately, the choice between these models comes down to personal preference. If the all-in-one grinder and stash case design appeals to you, then the Scout series is the way to go. If you prefer a dedicated metal grinder that is less bulky, then choosing an Original grinder is best. For those customers who want a more stylish and durable product, the Titanium grinders provide one of the best experiences available at an affordable price for such a high quality and long-lasting product.

Cosmic Case

cosmic case reviews

Cosmic Case manufactures exceptionally high quality grinders and other paraphernalia used to expertly prepare marijuana. Their original product, the Cosmic Case Large Triple Pollen Grinder, has an innovative design that is unlike any other, which provides the reasoning for being one of the most famous grinders on the market.

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cosmic case reviewsOnly Premium Grinders

The Large Triple Pollen is the perfect example of their superior line of products. Each one is made with only the finest, medical grade materials to handle herbs carefully but effectively. The following are features are characteristic of this incredible grinder.

• Diamond scissor blades that are sharp and durable.
• Stainless steel mesh screen that never rusts.
• Magnetically locked top that remains secured during grinding.
• Aerospace quality aluminum that will last a lifetime.
• Made in the United States.

The strong construction encompasses a width of two and three quarter inches and height of one and three quarter inches. However, they also offer the mini version that is only 1.65” inches wide and half inch less tall for more convenient and inconspicuous carrying with the same great features. The price is actually lower than similar products from other companies; however, some of the characteristics are simply unmatched for any price from any supplier in the marijuana tools business.

They also sell multiple two piece models for more compact design and cheaper cost. However, frequent users may want to opt for the larger version to reduce the amount of refilling and cleaning. Either way, they all offer many of the superior features associated with Cosmic, such as long lifetime and completely free of any aftertaste.

T Handle Press

A great addition to the Cosmic Case Large Triple Pollen Grinder is their Extra Large Mega T Handle Press. The use of this device is really an art form, but Cosmic makes the process much easier with their unique design.

• Solid stainless steel for rust free construction.
• Ergonomic for smooth, easy pressing.
• Completely safe for products that are consumed with no leftover taste.
• Capacity reaching up to twenty two grams.

While labeled extra-large, the nine inch height and one and a half inch diameter is more than manageable; however, they also sell large and small models for even more compact style and meeting the needs of anyone with a budget. If you are unfamiliar with this tool, it is used to compress marijuana kief or pollen into one piece to remove excess moisture and reach a more desirable density. Pressing is a necessary practice to avoid impurities and protect from oxidation and decay.

If you need to grind or press herbs, Cosmic Case is certainly a brand to consider. While the prices are higher than the alternatives, the quality is extraordinary. They also sell a range of products to suit a variety of needs and desire from presses to vapor domes. Though, the premium grinders are their most famous product. Based on the durable design of aerospace aluminum, diamond scissor blades, and strong magnetic top, the reasons for the fame are quite substantial.

Santa Cruz Shredder

santa cruz shredder reviews

When it comes to grinders, Santa Cruz Shredder produces some of the most recognizable in the industry. Not only are they noticeable, but the research and technology behind each of their products is absolutely unparalleled.

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santa cruz shredder reviewsEngineering at its Finest

Many grinder companies claim to have the most advanced technologies available on the market. However, this brand has taken advanced technology to an entirely new level.

Tooth Design

While most companies utilize a sharp-edged tooth design, they have revolutionized the grinder industry with a unique tooth architecture that steers clear of the sharp-edged design used in most other products. These edges eventually dull and shed tiny aluminum flakes into the smoking mixture, which are toxic to humans. Additionally, these newly crafted teeth are oriented in a manner that ensures the bud is ground evenly and thoroughly.

The Grip

Because there are many medical marijuana patients who suffer from degenerative motor diseases like Multiple Sclerosis, these grinders have a much more “knurled” grip than others. This allows for a better grip, and less effort is required to use the product, which is especially important for those patients who have lost motor control or function.

Superb Screens

There are no debates among marijuana enthusiasts that grinders with kief screens produce the best smoking experience possible. These products utilize the most advanced screen on the market with research tested results. The stainless steel screens are stretched extremely tightly to ensure they do not warp, and are comprised of premium stainless steel. Their openings are optimized to create the finest, purest crystals possible.

Unmatched Cleanliness

Many people don’t realize that the raw aluminum used in the construction of most grinders is extremely toxic to humans. Most companies do not devote the time or effort to ensure the cleanliness of their products. This is not the case with these high quality products. Utilizing high-frequency sound and very strong cleaning solution, any contaminants are obliterated. This produces a product with medical-grade sanitation.

Scratch Resistant

These premium grinders are anodized to create a strong coating on the aluminum. This process creates a virtually scratch resistant surface that many other products do not have. This is the same technology used in many cookware sets to ensure they resist scratching by utensils.

The Products

Santa Cruz Shredder offers two, three, and four piece designs to suit the needs of any marijuana user. The two and four piece models come in mini, small, medium, and large sizes. The three component model, however, comes only in the small size. Several color options are available, breaking away from the traditional black and silver designs that many companies exclusively offer.

Why Buy a Santa Cruz Shredder?

There is not much more that needs to be said about this amazing product. The highly advanced technology and the effort that was put into constructing these truly premium grinders is astonishing. All you have to do is purchase one and see for yourself how they compare to other inferior brands.


Kannastor grinder reviews

Kannastor is a brand that provides premium, high quality grinders, presses, and accessories. They have multiple original features that no other manufacturer of similar products offers. For example, the guitar pick tool for easy scooping. Each product is also priced to be exceptionally cost effective, considering the innovative characteristics.

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Kannastor grinder reviewsUnique Grinders

Every one of the Kannastor grinders has an array of different benefits that surpass the competition that are great for even the heaviest marijuana user.

• Choice between solid black or clear tops. We recommend clear for knowing exactly when the grinding is finished.
• The top is securely held by the magnetic closure.
• Teflon circular ring ensures a strong seal without binding.
• Tough, razor-like blades that easily cut and shred.
• Excessive shredding is never a concern with the unique drop through holes.
• Well-designed threading for smooth grinding every time.
• Large storage capacity to reduce the need to constantly refill.
• Easily interchangeable screen with varying mesh sizes available.
• See-through siding to view any remaining particles.
• Incredibly strong aluminum for long lasting construction.

While these are all great features, the most critical aspect of each product is that they are well-designed and expertly integrated. For example, the mesh screens are not only highly effective but also easily twisted off and replaced. They offer size 40 and 60 for configurable sifting and grinding, and 40 allows particles of 420 microns. Another unique feature offering by Kannastor is the crank top, which can grind much easier than the alternatives. The crank is built with premium quality aluminum, so every customer can be sure that it will last. You can easily shred, sift, blend, flavor, and store many different herbs and spices with the large storage capacity ranging from 1.5” to 2.5” in diameter on the average models for many years.

The pricing starts under $25 for the one inch, two piece pendant grinder that comes on a convenient carrying chain. However, it can reach upwards of one hundred for the large three inch, four piece crank top model that will grind through almost anything. While the prices may be higher than other companies that sell marijuana and other herb related products, the quality provided by Kannastor is far beyond any other grinder.

There are two more great components associated with this superb company. Those include the informational videos and the thermal conductive presses. They offer four videos totaling about ten minutes of helpful tutorials, including making custom tea, apple cider, and ice cream topping. Additionally, Kannastor sells two presses of 14 and 19 mm diameter. When heated up to almost two hundred degrees, the press changes dry ingredients into waxy form for various oils and herbs.

Considering the numerous well-designed products for exceptionally low cost, this brilliant company is far ahead of the rest. Grinding, sifting, and blending have simply never been so easy. The durable aluminum, easy replaceable mesh screen, super sharp blades, and multiple customizable options, such as size and number of parts, are premium characteristics but often disregarded by other companies.


sharpstone grinder reviews

While there are countless companies selling grinders priced well over $100, SharpStone offers many more affordable options to consumers. Several categories are available to choose from that appeal to many different customers. They offer two and four piece options, corresponding to one and three chamber devices respectively. Special designs are available that include unique functions such as a second pollen screen and an automatic vibration function.

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sharpstone grinder reviewsThe SharpStone Difference

With so many companies offering grinders, how can one company set itself apart from the crowd? SharpStone has discovered the answer to this question and incorporated it into their products. Offering a myriad of different styles and designs, they have products suited for nearly every type of customer. Their grinders are built from high quality, aircraft grade aluminum that is anodized for an extremely smooth finish. The kief screens are made from the highest quality stainless steel to ensure that only the finest crystals pass into the final chamber, and powerful magnets are included to allow for extremely tight closure.

The Products

SharpStone offers a wide variety of product lines to appeal to many different customer types. One distinguishing feature between their products and competitors’ is that they come in many different colors rather than just silver and black.

Clear Top

The clear top design offers customers a functional and attractive product that enables the user to see the weed as it is being ground. These come in several colors, including red, black, and purple. Two and four piece grinders are available with the clear top design, with the latter including a kief screen to catch the fine crystals left over after grinding.

Hard Top

For buyers who do not like the look of a see-through grinder, there are also hard top versions available. These come in various colors as well, such as blue, orange, and silver. Similar to the clear top models, these come in two and four piece designs to suit users with different needs and budgets.

Specialty Designs

Aside from the usual models, SharpStone offers several different specialty grinders that offer unique features that set them apart from other products offered by other companies.

1. 5 Piece Grinder

For those marijuana users who enjoy and appreciate the high quality kief that accumulates when grinding weed, these products contain two pollen screens. By including an extra screen, the kief is filtered twice, ensuring that only the finest of crystals is collected. While this may result in less kief, the product is much higher quality. For those who value quality over quantity, this specialty design is perfect.

2. Vibrating

Focusing once again targeting those who prefer quality products, this vibrating grinder is the perfect option for kief lovers everywhere. The high quality design is supplemented by a very useful vibrating function. This allows the marijuana buds to be continuously shaken against the pollen screen without any manual labor. By simply turning the vibration function on and letting the marijuana sit in the grinder, you will obtain premium kief.

Cali Crusher

cali crusher reviews

Despite the title, the Cali Crusher is one of the most legitimate brands for premium grinders. The products offered by this company are made in San Diego, California, which was the first state to legalize medical marijuana years ago. The influence of recreational drugs on the lifestyle in the area throughout history is quite substantial. Therefore, paraphernalia production from this major Californian city is undoubtedly high quality, particularly from Cali Crusher.

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cali crusher reviewsRevolutionary Design

Cali Crusher prides itself on the unique, patented designs with groundbreaking features. They offer dozens of products to cater to a multitude of needs and desires. Some of the most popular options include the following grinders.

• Homegrown Standard 2 or 4 Piece Hard Top
• Homegrown Pocket 4 Piece Hard Top

Additionally, they have various color options ranging from girly girl pink to boyish blue to Californian red. The Standard model is 2.35” width and 1” depth, and the smaller pocket version is about half the width but double the height. Both models are highly regarded by the thousands of happy customers.

• Aerospace grade aluminum for long lasting design
• Sharp, indestructible teeth protected by their lifetime warranty
• Velvet carrying bag for convenient, concealed storage
• Durable structure that will last many years
• Lightweight build of under half of a pound
• Color choices of red, green, orange, pink, and more to match any style
• Minimal amount of pieces for easy use and cleaning

While the prices may be higher than other options, the superior quality justifies that slight downfall. Additionally, they display the subtle, clear logo on the top piece without forfeiting visual appeal or ultimate functionality. The inconspicuous design will never raise alarms, and the small size will easily slide into common pants pockets or purses and bags for convenient, discreet totting.

Brand Behind The Products

Cali Crusher labels themselves as the first designer crusher, and they provide great support to help showcase that considerable fact. For example, they accept credit and debit cards and PayPal and ship through USPS in just days. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or refund requests, contact forms for support are available 24/7 on the website.

Additionally, if you want to generate some extra income, they also provide affiliate and wholesale options. Help sell grinders to earn big commissions or purchase bulk quantities for reduced pricing. They are both great methods to land some additional cash on the side by highlighting one of your favorite everyday tools to your friends or followers on social media networks.

For those wanting only excellence for reasonable prices, Cali Crusher grinders are among the best out of all the choices on the market. The historical significance of the home city, San Diego, within the first state to legalize medical marijuana leads to the most optimized, well-made grinders possible. Each model features an array of characteristics that are essential for anyone ranging from casual smoker to dedicated enthusiast, such as tough aluminum, manageably sized, razor sharp teeth, and numerous colors.

Chromium Crusher

As any regular marijuana user knows, a grinder is a critical piece of equipment that should be invested in. All grinders are not created equal, however, and care must be taken to ensure a quality grinder is purchased. If you are looking for a high quality grinder that isn’t too expensive, then consider the Chromium Crusher series.

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Quality Craftsmanship

All Chromium Crusher grinders are constructed from the best materials available. Unlike many metal grinders, which are made from pure aluminum, these grinders are composed of a durable heavy metal alloy that resists scratching. The Teflon ring provides even more structural support to ensure long-lasting performance.


The Chromium Crusher series includes several models that vary in price and quality. Whether you are on the tightest budget, or are looking for a premium grinder regardless of price, this series has a grinder for you.

Good: The Two Piece

This version comes in two sizes, a 2.2 inch model and a 3 inch model. This is a basic grinder and is cheapest variation available. For those marijuana users who are looking to get a well-built and functional product for a low cost, this is the choice for them.

Better: The Three Piece

The three piece grinder comes with a separate chamber to collect the herb once it is has been grinded. This is an upgrade to the single chambered, two piece versions, and as such, these are slightly more expensive. They are offered in 2 inch and 3 inch models, and are absolutely perfect for those customers who are looking for a slightly better product without spending a ton of money.

Best: The Four Piece

This is the cream of the crop. The four piece model is the pinnacle of grinder quality. They come in four sizes, ranging from 1.7 inches to 2.5 inches. Adding an extremely fine pollen screen and a third chamber, this model is perfect for weed enthusiasts looking for the best smoking experience possible. The pollen screen allows the added third chamber to separate and collect the kief, which is the very fine crystalline portion of marijuana. Kief is highly concentrated THC, and is considered to be one of the best smoking experiences available. It is often vaporized or sprinkled on top of the regular bud to enhance the smoking experience. Although this version is more expensive than the two and three piece grinders, it is well worth the extra cost.

Why Choose a Chromium Crusher?

Whether you are an occasional marijuana user, or a hardcore stoner, the Chromium Crusher line is perfect for you. With many options available, this series offers a product for every type of weed user. Ultimately, the decision of which model you should buy comes down to how much you are willing to invest, and the quality of the experience you wish to have. Those working on a limited budget should consider the two or three piece models, as they offer quality functionality without a high price tag. If, however, you are willing to invest slightly more money for a much better experience, then the four piece option is the best. Regardless of your choice, you certainly can’t go wrong with any of these grinders, and any of them would make a great addition to your arsenal.

Mendo Mulcher

mendo mulcher review

With the multitude of grinders on the market today, it may be hard for many people to distinguish between a well-built, high quality product, and an inferior one. The Mendo Mulcher is certainly one of the former, and should be considered by any marijuana user looking to add a grinder to their collection.

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The Local Way

The Mendo Mulcher has been locally produced since 1998 in Mendocino County, U.S.A. Many companies have fallen prey to the plague that is outsourcing. By selling out, these corporations have been able to reduce production costs to increase profits, but at the cost of quality. This Mendocino County based business has refused to resort to outsourcing in favor of producing a quality product for its customers.

mendo mulcherQuality Matters

Being focused on quality, these grinders are built from premium materials, and are designed to last. Premium features include:

• Teeth: These products have twice the teeth of most other grinders, meaning your bud will be ground finer and will produce a better smoke. They are also curved, which helps keep the weed from sticking.
• Lid: Each product comes with a very strong magnetic lid that ensures it will stay locked tightly together.
• Kief Screen: The pollen screen is crafted from high quality materials and features a smallest micron size of 190. These extremely fine screens produce the best kief possible to ensure a great smoking experience.
• The Body: Every grinder is crafted from the finest billet aluminum. This gives them a very sturdy feel that many competitors lack. It also helps fight off wear and tear from heavy use.
• Cleaning: While many companies don’t give much thought to the cleanup process, the folks in Mendocino recognize the importance of an easy-to-clean product. Their grinders are extremely easy to clean, and require very little maintenance.
• Warranty: This product is so good that Mendo Mulcher is willing to offer a lifetime warranty. Many other companies don’t offer a warranty at all, let alone one that lasts a lifetime.

The Perfect Product

The Mendo Mulcher comes in two varieties: one model includes a kief screen, while the other does not.

No Screen

The cheaper model does not include a pollen screen, and is perfect for those customers who are operating on a limited budget. These come in small, medium, and large sizes. The small size is perfect for users who often themselves travelling and in need of a grinder. The large size works well for parties because it has the capacity to grind huge quantities of marijuana at one time.

Kief Screen

The more expensive model is more costly because it includes a kief screen to catch the fine crystals left over by the grinding process. These crystals are known as the pollen, or kief, and are highly prized my marijuana users because of the intense high they confer. The finer these crystals are ground, the higher they are in quality. These products offer an extremely fine screen to produce the best smoking experience possible.

The Best Ways on How To Smoke Weed Without Getting Caught

are you high red forman

Smoking weed without getting caught by the people you live with can be a hard task! Once you have your herb, a great grinder and your favorite way to smoke up, read on to make sure you can smoke in your room or dorm and not get caught by anyone. The goal is to have everyone none the wiser on what you are doing in your own free time.

are you high red forman

Dryer Sheets

If you have spent any time on Youtube, you probably have seen or heard of the dryer sheet method. The way this works is that after you light up your bowl and take your hit, you want to put out the burning device as fast and possible. Then you will exhale the smoke through a toilet paper roll. The catch here is that the toilet paper roll is full of scented dryer sheets. This will mask the smell of the smoke and no one will know what you have been up to. Here is a video of this method being explained.

Smoke In A Bathroom (Undetected!)

Another insanely great place to smoke weed without getting caught is to get yourself into your bathroom and light up. The reason this works well is that it is very normal to spend a good bit of time in the bathroom and no one will question what you are doing in there. Just make sure that if there is a fan you turn that on and you block the gap between the door as you do not want smoke pouring out into the house or dorm. Some people like to turn on the shower while in the bathroom and say that the steam helps calm down the smoke. I have not tried this but it would be worth a shot.

Using Deodorizers Such As Febreeze

I have heard that some people like to use deodorizers such as Febreeze with a dehumidifier. They say that this gets rid of the smell but I do not think this is a good method. In fact, AVOID THIS. The reason being: it will just mask the smell for a short period of time and what you end up with is a room that smells like Febreeze laced with marijuana, which is just disgusting.

Let us know in the comments how you are smoking weed in your house without getting caught! We would love to hear them.

What Is Kief And How Do You Get It?

full grinder of kief

Kief comes from an Arabic word that simply means pleasure. IT can be spelled Kief, Keef, or even Keif and what it is is the trichomes of the powder of the resin when you grind up the weed plant. What makes this powder so great is that has a large concentration of THC that gives a long lasting high. Some people refer to this substance as pollen or crystal and the quality of your kief will depend on the type of potency of the marijuana plant it was taken from. I suggest you take a look at this article about kief if you want to know a little more about the culture behind it.

So How Do You Collect Kief?

full grinder of kief

If you have a compartment in your grinder to collect kief, when you run out of weed you will be left with a present or awesome herb.

There are multiple ways that this substance can be extracted. If you are looking to gather a large amount, you can do this by rubbing leaves over screens or shaking entire branches to catch the pollen that falls off. Some have actually constructed machines that tumble around like a dryer to get all this off. If you are like most people though, all you have available to smoke is a small amount of marijuana and to get the most kief off of these your best choice is to use any herb grinder that has a bottom compartment meant for this purpose. This compartment has a screen on top and is called the kief catcher. Most grinders that you pay any amount of decent money for will have this compartment. If you do not, this powder will be wasted. Do NOT use your hands or any other bogus methods if you want to hold on to this stuff.

Some people have suggested that you bang on your grinder while you are grinding up the marijuana to ensure that the maximum amount of kief falls into the catcher. I have tried this only a few times and did not see any noticeable difference.

What Do I Do With The Kief I Collect?

This will burn very fast but can be ingested by rolling it up into a joint or smoking it from a bowl. Other people enjoy mixing it up with tobacco or even just a little on top of the marijuana before they roll it up. Kief is the main ingredient when making hash. People do this by pressing the kief up into small bricks, baking them in the oven and then pressing them to dry up. They will then smoke this final product.

If you have enough kief to produce hash, you can also use it to create a THC oil that works very well for cooking into brownies. Remember this stuff is extremely potent so you will not need much at all to get high or maintain your high. I always tell people to smoke the kief with another substance (tobacco or more weed) because it will burn much easier!

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