My name is Mary Jane and I founded Grinder HQ because I want to help you find the best grinder for the weed or herb, hell, even tobacco that is sitting next to you right now. Finding the right tool for the task can be hard since there are just so many choices out there. A lot of people just go with the cheapest option but do not know some of the risks associated with doing this. Lucky for you, I know a bit about this topic and this is why this site came together.

I want to give you my knowledge in text form. I think I have found some of the best weed grinders on the market and I am sure you will like them as well.

Are you sitting there asking yourself if you should go with metal, wood or acrylic for your next or first grinder? What kind of quality of materials are you looking for? You know know what stuff matters? If not, I want to help you become more informed.

I have tested a lot of grinders in my day and a lot of them were awful honestly. I have a few that are my absolute favorite so I will be sharing a bit of both to give you a flavor of what you should go with.

Are you interested in this subject or run a related site (420, herb, MMJ) and want to reach out? Excellent, I love interacting with the community! Feel free to email me. I am always open to guest posts as well as long as they are high quality, more than 600 words, and all links will be nofollow.

Get in touch and let’s spread the word!