Best Herb, Marijuana, and Weed Grinders

You probably landed here because you are looking for the best grinder or most durable grinder for that herb you have sitting next to you. There are so many options out there, and a variety of prices. I have tested many of the cheap options from different shops and gas stations and I wanted to give you my honest advice of which is the best grinder in my opinion. Most of the grinders I buy are from the internet. This allows you to save money, find the perfect grinder from the unlimited supply that is available. New to looking? That is just fine! I will bring you through the process of what a grinder actually is, what you should be looking for, and what you should avoid. If you want to skip this article because you already know what you are looking for, skip these and check out my pick of the best grinders that are currently available to buy from the internet! Such a majestic place isn’t it?

Santa Cruz
Medical MMJ Perfection
The best grinder on the market!
Chromium Crusher
Heavy Duty and Reliable

A Grinder? What is it?

A grinder is a device that has little teeth. These are used to grind up plant matter such as herb, marijuana, and tobacco. They have different compartments and our favorite have 3 compartments but they also can have 1 or 2. They come in a wide range of different materials, but most are either metal or wood.

What Do I Need To Know About Compartments Inside Grinders?

If you want to know a quick explanation of the 1, 2 and 3 compartment grinders, here they are!

  • 1 Compartment Grinder – These are known by two piece grinders because they are made up of two pieces that fit together! There is a single place where you place the herb. You then grind it and get out what you put in all ground up. Since there is only a single spot, the size of the final product may not be uniform. When you get the herb out, the teeth will be in the way. If you are short on money, these are a good option, but are never a first choice.
  • 2 Compartment Grinder – These are called three piece grinders even though they only have 2 compartments. It will come with the same compartment that a two piece has, but there will be little holes that go into a new spot. Because of these holes, the herb will fall through them and you will be able to get a more consistent final product. When getting it out, the teeth will not be in your way making it easier. These are considered middle of the road products.
  • 3 Compartment Grinder – These are the kings of the grinder world and are known by the name of four piece. This means there are 3 spots. One where you place the plant matter, a second where it will fall through too, and the new addition of a screen leading into an entirely new compartment. This allows the mostly finely ground up herb to fall, which is called kief if you are putting marijuana in.

I would highly recommend you to get a 3 compartment. Why? Well, when you are our of herb, simply open up your piece and BAM, early birthday present for you! The only real difference between the different types is the size. You are making an investment into something you love to do, get the bigger one, trust me.

Three Compartment Grinders have that awesome Kief!

Three Compartment Grinders have that awesome Kief!

Do Grinder Materials Matter?

As mentioned above, these can come in a lot of different materials. Is there one that is better over the other? Should you avoid a certain kind? Read on friend.

AVOID Acrylic Grinders

worst grinder

Avoid these! They break all the time.

This is a cheap material and is the kind you can pick up at a gas station for a few dollars. If you cannot get another one, this will due, but if you use one of these for long, they tend to break. Do you want plastic parts inside your herb? I would guess not. Ingesting Acrylic is really bad for you and can be very dangerous. Just do not do it, read on for better options.

GOOD Wood Grinders

wood grinder with no weed

Only get a wood grinder if they have raw wood and not treated.

Wood is a great material and is one of my personal favorites. These take time to make because they must be carved out. This also means that they are usually just 1 compartment. Take a good close look if you are looking to get wood because if the inside is finished, you can get the paint or stain on your precious material you are putting inside. The teeth are not going to be as strong as the next type (metal) but that is to be expected. If you like the wood look, pick one up and take care of it and it should last you.

BEST Metal Grinders

metal grinder with weed

If you want a quality product that is also durable, metal grinders should be what you aim for.

My absolute favorite is metal. Why? Because they LAST! A long damn time. Most are made of aluminum and some are coated in titanium. There is really no difference btween any of these but all you need to know is that both titanium and aluminum are safe and will not affect the herb you put in. Metal grinders are simply the best bet for functionality and longevity!

Top Herb and Weed Grinders

This is my pick for the best grinders I have found on the internet. I took a look at the price, the quality of it, and how I feel like it would hold up. Do not take my word for it though, check them out for yourself.

THIRD GRINDER – Chromium Crusher 4 Piece (Read some reviews)

Heavy Duty! Read Reviews up top!

Heavy Duty! Read Reviews up top!

The Chromium Crusher, what can I say about this grinder. How about how great it it for the price you pay? Typically they are about 18 dollars and feels very sturdy. The teeth are nice and sharp and is capable of grinding up a large amount of herb. Do not have a large amount, that’s fine! It will do a small amount as well.

SECOND GRINDER – Santa Cruz Shredder 4 Part (Read some reviews)

metal MMJ grinder

Are you looking for a medicinal grinder? THIS is for you!

Do you love medical marijuana and just want a quality grinder that is going to last you and look sharp at the same time? The Santa Cruz Mini Shredder is perfect if this describes you. This best grinder was made to put up with heavy use. The teeth are meant to turn the plant into fluffy goodness because they do not have sharp teeth. Instead, they are dull and look like little stars. This gives a perfect consistent blend every time.

In fact, this is my friends favorite grinder just because of the amazing grip. Each turn is so smooth and just perfect. If you have not heard of this one before, you need to at least use one once, honestly. Finally, this is probably the most unique in the batch I have picked out because they are cleaned by being put under these sound waves. These get rid of any impurities in the materials and make sure that there is no metal filings inside any of the compartments.

However, this kind of quality comes at a price. $49.00 is the price for this grinder (you can check the prices here) but that is really not that much given the performance that is going to last you years and years. If you are a marijuana patient, then you NEED this in your collection.

My FAVORITE Grinder – Aerospaced 4 Piece (Read some reviews)

best grinder

Perfect Grinder in every aspect of the word! Great price, lightweight and amazing size.

You want nothing but perfection and are looking for a grinder that will never disappoint? This is the one for you! It is priced at $67.77 (you can check the current price here), it has all the features you would ever need.

This model is my favorite metal grinder and it is made out of an anodized aluminum which means it will never corrode. Probably my favorite feature is the very fine pollen screen that has been put in.

What makes the Aerospace better than the other metal grinders? It comes with a pouch to carry it around plus it is extremely light weight so you will hardly notice you are carrying it. Aluminum is just very light and you should take advantage of that.

What I Recommend – Aerospaced Grinder 4 Piece

Grinder HQ recommends that you buy yourself an Aerospaced Grinder. The price is what I like to consider an investment that you will be able to use for the years to come at full performance. However, if you are a patient for MMJ, the best grinder will be the Santa Cruz Shredder. I hope this helps!